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Training Available 

  • Hours of Service (70 hr/8 days)

  • Cargo Securement

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • Sanitary Food Transportation

  • ELD Training

  • How to fill out paper logs 

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • DOT Policies and

  • Procedures

  • Roadside Inspections 

  • Driver's Responsibilities

  • Accident Prep ( how to deal and what to do)

  • Night Driving

  • Air Brakes

  • Entry-Level Training

  • Blood-borne Pathogens

  • We have many more topics available.

Our Safety Department will train you on anything and everything you need trained on so you can complete the task at hand.  We will spend as much time with you as needed, to train and retrain!!!  No question is a stupid question and we strive to get you the answers and training  you need.  We will make sure you are comfortable with any and all training that is provided.  Our department is here to make sure you know how to be safe and compliant while on the road.

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