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About Us

Here is a little history about our small transportation company... 

Our founders Kathy Hicks-Rance and Shawn Rance, started our company in 2015, as leased on Owner-Operators with one truck and a dream. In 2017 that dream started coming to light. In May Shawn and Kathy got their Authority and all the hard work was starting to pay off. By June, they had two trucks and their son Nick, became a company driver. Eventually, they hired a few new employees and bought a few more trucks. They also leased on a few Owner-Operators. That same November they had their first audit.  Kathy and her daughter, Erin, had worked hard and prepared for this. Finally word came... They passed with flying colors and here DTE stands today, with their small fleet of dedicated Owner-Operators.

If you have a dream, never be afraid to make it come true. From a bedroom with a couple of desks into a company with a fleet of trucks, anything is possible!

We now have Dispatch and Safety departments with full and part-time employees. We also have some amazing benefits for our leased Owner-operators. If you are interested in applying to our company as an Owner-Op, just click the 'Join Our Team' tab above and print off an application. Bring it into the office to Gwen or Kathy.  If you live out of state, you can always email us at

If you are a broker looking to book a truck with our Dispatch department, please contact John. Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 2 PM (or Shawn after hours) at (269) 858-3732 or via email at

Image by Daniel Fazio
If you're a broker looking to book a truck...
Call dispatch today!!


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